first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
Sunday School
Join us for Sunday School at 9:45AM
2-5 year olds – An Illustrated Compassion: Learning to Love Like God
A flexible lesson using stories, coloring and music, this curriculum offers children the opportunity to learn about God’s compassion in the Bible and help them turn concepts of compassion into actions.
This curriculum will also serve as the basis for a children’s lesson offered in the nursery in place of the sermon during worship.
Facilitators: Ginny Reid and Jessie Gates
Location: Nursery (1st floor Education Building)
Adults – Personalizing Bible Stories
In this interactive class we will read and study many of the familiar Bible stories. We will look at them from a very human perspective. What do we think the main characters were thinking and feeling? What do we think that God was trying to tell them? What is God trying to tell us through these stories? There will also be time for sharing joys, concerns and Christian fellowship. Resource: The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible by Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner.     

Bibles will be provided; however participants are encouraged to bring a study bible with them.

Leaders: Katie Ross/Josh Gilhart/Hans Killius

Location: Chapel

Mulitgenerational Faith Formation: Milestones Ministry
Milestones Ministry is a multigenerational faith formation practice designed to help families and church families grow in their understanding of how God is present in everyday life. See the tab "Milestones Ministry" for more information.