first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
What is a Presbyterian?
To be Presbyterian is to join a way of life informed by a particular rhythm: God calls us in grace and love; we respond in gratitude. Join Caroline Kelly and others for a 5-part video series that will introduce this basic rhythm of life to which all Presbyterians are asked to be a part. This study is designed for anybody, whether you are seeking to become a member of the church, are a cradle Presbyterian or are just curious. Each video is about 10 minutes long and comes with questions designed to guide further discussion. Rev. Kelly offers this study once a year for those that would like to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a Presbyterian. Contact the church office at 301-777-3700 if you are interested in being a part of the next class that will be offered in the upcoming year.
Lesson 1: A People of Grace: For Presbyterians the first thing we need to know is that God is a God of Grace. This truth affects every aspect of our life.
Lesson 2: Wicked Bad: Why do we talk about sin and evil? Are we saying that we're wicked bad? Are we the worst of the worst?
Lesson 3: Who do they say that I am? We are asked to name Jesus as our "Lord and Savior." What does that really mean?
Lesson 4: Update Your Faith System: Study and Worship are vital aspects of "being Presbyterian."
Lesson 5: Blessed to be a Blessing: God has not called us to be concerned about ourselves. Our focus on Fellowship and Mission reminds us of that.