first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland


     According to PC(USA), Confirmation is the rite of initiation within mainline Protestant churches in which young adolescents enter into full confession and affirmation of faith.  Soon after birth, most of us are Baptized at which time our parents or godparents stand in for us and promise to teach us about the beliefs of the Presbyterian Church.  One must be baptized to be confirmed. And, for the many youth who were baptized as infants, confirmation marks the first public participation in the liturgical life of the church of their own volition.  Basically, when we are confirmed we enter into mature participation within a congregation.
     Confirmation classes are typically offered annually or when there are congregants who are ready to make a commitment to the Presbyterian beliefs.  These classes include learning and discussing scripture, viewing informational videos through the Theo-Academy, as well as reviewing the Book of Confessions and the Book of Order.  After completion of the classes the formal Confirmation occurs in the Sanctuary during a service, at which time we speak for ourselves, professing our Faith and how we intend to participate in the Presbyterian Church.
What we affirm is as follows:
By the Holy Spirit, I am made one with the Lord Jesus Christ. I am baptized into Christ’s body, the church. As a member of this community, I trust in God’s Word, share in the Lord’s Supper, and turn to God in prayer. As I grow in grace and knowledge, I am led to do the good works that God intends for my life.
If you have a child or relative and are interested in enrolling them in a Confirmation class please contact the church office at 301-777-3700.