first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
Exploring Racism Together

       We recently wrapped up a multi-week study on white privilige. Participants from our church as well as other community churches joined together to discuss racism and the ways we, as white individuals, overlook racism in the community and the nation. To guide this study we utilized a curriculum created by the United Church of Christ called "White Priviledge: Let's Talk. A Resource for Transformational Dialogue." This program is separated into 4 sections. If you are interested in this topic we encourage you to sign up for the class and explore the modules at your own pace. Cost to enroll is free.

     From the discussion we have created a group to continue discussing and sharing information about racism and how we can be allies (the verb! not the noun) in the fight to end systemic racism.

"Were You There? Lenten Reflection on the Spirituals"

     Throughout the 2021 season of Lent, the congregation was able to explore and listen to a number of sprituals with deep roots in African American culture through the devotional "Were You There? Lenten Reflections on the Spritiuals" Copies of this book are avaliable to borrow from the church. If you are interested please call the church and speak with Brittany Jackson.