first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
Faith Formation
     Christian Formation is life-long learning designed to help each of us “grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.” We strive to offer opportunities for people of all ages and all stages on their journey with God to learn and grow in their Faith.
For our children, those in our congregation and those in the community in which we live, we offer a "pray ground" right in the sanctuary so they are included in our worship services. We also have a number of activities throughout the year, such as our annual Easter Milestone and our participation an interdenominational Vacation Bible School. For those getting started on their faith journey we offer guided classes, utilizing the resource Theocademy, on topics of Confirmation and just what exactly it means to be "Presbyterian." Throughout the year we offer adult classes as well as special events to deepen our understanding and challenge us to broaden our horizans. 
      Whether you are just starting out or have been in church your whole life, we hope you will find something of value here and we look forward to learning from you as well!