first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
Who We Are
Who are we? We are people – men & women, girls & boys, young & old, mothers & fathers, sons & daughters, married & divorced, gay & straight.
Who are we? We are people – from the City of Cumberland and Allegany County and around the region – from Grantsville, MD to Ridgeley, WV to Bedford, PA. Some of us drive 25+ miles to get here. Some of us live downtown and can walk to church.
Who are we? We are people – doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, government employees, non- profit employees, artists, musicians, cyclists, outdoors people, business owners and active retirees. About half of us are local natives.
Who are we? We are people – lifelong Presbyterians & newcomers to the Reformed faith, liberals & conservatives, moderates & just about anywhere in between.
Who are we? We are people – who gather together to worship God each week, who seek to follow Jesus Christ in our daily living, and who with the guidance of the Holy Spirit are foolish enough to believe we can make a difference in this world.
Who are we? We are people. We are Christians. We are Presbyterians. We are ready and waiting to welcome you into this vibrant community of faith.
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