first Presbyterian Church

of Cumberland, Maryland
What is a Presbyterian?
Presbyterian refers not to a specific set of beliefs, but to the way our denomination governs itself. The name comes the Greek word 'presbueteros', meaning 'elders'.  In the New Testament elders were the leaders of the local congregations.  Likewise, we call our elected leaders elders. 
Presbyterians have always appreciated education and from our earliest days in this country, Presbyterians have founded schools and colleges.  We believe utilizing the best in language skills, historical analysis, archeological findings, along with the sciences in general are, when united with faith in Jesus Christ, the best way to interpret the scriptures.  Loving education, Presbyterians have worked hard to provide educational and nurturing opportunities and fellowship for children, youth and adult.
Presbyterians are Protestant and, therefore, believe we are saved by grace thru faith, not by works.  We also stand with all protestants in affirming that our main authority for life and faith is Jesus Christ as he is attested to in the Holy Bible, both Old and New Testaments.  It is not tradition that is the authority, nor any human being, but the Word of God.
Presbyterians at their best have emphasized the importance of challenging and working to change those obstacles to justice in our society, firmly believing that part of discipleship is helping the communities in which we live to become more in line with the Kingdom of God. 


Being Presbyterian: Foundations of Presbyterian Discipleship
To be Presbyterian is to join a way of life informed by a particular rhythm: God calls us in grace and love; we respond in gratitude. To further explore what it means to be Presbyterian we perodically offer the class BEING PRESBYTERIAN: FOUNDATIONS OF PRESBYTERIAN DISCIPLESHIP using videos from Theoacademy as well as group discussion. This 5-part video series will introduce this basic rhythm of life to which all Presbyterians are asked to be a part. This study is designed for anybody, whether you are seeking to become a member of the church, are a cradle Presbyterian or are just curious. Each video is about 10 minutes long and comes with questions designed to guide further discussion.
Lesson 1: A People of Grace: For Presbyterians the first thing we need to know is that God is a God of Grace. This truth affects every aspect of our life.
Lesson 2: Wicked Bad: Why do we talk about sin and evil? Are we saying that we're wicked bad? Are we the worst of the worst?
Lesson 3: Who do they say that I am? We are asked to name Jesus as our "Lord and Savior." What does that really mean?
Lesson 4: Update Your Faith System: Study and Worship are vital aspects of "being Presbyterian."
Lesson 5: Blessed to be a Blessing: God has not called us to be concerned about ourselves. Our focus on Fellowship and Mission reminds us of that.
If you would like to learn more about this class please contact the church office at 301-777-3700
Updated 7/21/20